23 March 2016

Hoody Bob

A phone call from Bob, the most exciting thing about the morning so far, and he says he has a Hooded Crow at Alex–but both James and myself are Alex and there is no sign of Bob and only a luecistic crow to be seen.  Has it finally happened, those age things?  His directions do nothing to suggest otherwise.  "In a tree south side of Alex".  We are south side of Alex. "North side then!"

We find him looking at empty trees–the evidence is mounting. He's is adamant.  I truck off back the way I came and sure enough the old bugger is right. A hoodie, my second, aloof in a tree of its own. A bit timid it takes a dislike to my appearance and flies off further to the west and perches up again.  By the time I arrive there it's headed back east towards the others. Tick #100 for Mr Heal (very pleased), and another one over Mr L for "hoodie" Bob (very, very pleased).

Presumably the same bird as seen in south London last week or so, the bird was largely ignored by the resident corvid community, such a change from last year when Dan and my bird was chased unceremoniously off patch by a gang of crows.  Probably because they didn't have young or eggs to defend.

Good work Mr Bob.

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