Nick C Shift work means nothing escapes. Majority shareholder in Costa Coffee. Lover of expensive shoes; feet frequently wet.

Jono L Started this whole thing off. Prone to enthusiasm and apathy in equal measure. Dog lover.

Tim H Serious birder, Skylark hero, surveyor. You can tell if a bird is good or not if there is accompanied swearing.

Bob V Long-time patch worker, blocker king. Birds the patch on his paper round. 

Marco J Signed from West Ham a couple of seasons ago. Highly mobile, though not elusive.

Tony B TB joins us at the weekends and generally puts us to shame.

James H Recent addition to arsenal, surveys Bush Wood in preference to twitching things. Will crack in time.

Josh S Praise Grebus!

Richard R Springsteen worshipper. Born to run.
Sally H Currently on never-ending world tour.

Paul F Supreme naturalist. If you don't know what it is, he does. Really.

Eve W Teleports in and out of site, appearing magically beside migrants.

Stuart F Has moved away a bit to do Snaresbrook, though still seen occasionally. Loses everything that he doesn't break.

Barry B Migrates to Flats every spring and autumn, sometimes with Harry and Larry.

Next Day Keith Find a good bird today, expect Keith tomorrow.

Former major contributor, now moved away and missed:
Dan H Able to rise at 3am every day to bird the patch before going to work. Keeps secret stash of waders in rucksack. Sometimes gets shipment of Ducks in (seasonal).