30 March 2016


Late! Late! Late!

 Disappointed man goes to work wheatearless, again!

And Lady Luck smiles on Marco, Bob and I.  A few Swallow through, no sign of Jono's early Yellowhammer, we try our luck down at the Alex wheatearless.  I sense grumblings in the ranks as nothing is happening down at the pond.  Big bins then spots two interesting duck, that were not Egyptian Goose, just before a tree gets in the way.  The other side of the tree I pick them up again, Shelduck.  Bob needs them, but foolishly has wandered off.  He finally spots them after we shout a few times in his direction, but is grumpy as his 10x magnification is not giving the tick he wanted.  Ziessgeist!

We amble back checking the barrage balloon hitches. I hear a Reed Bunting somewhere close and another Swallow sweeps through. While I struggle with the intricacies of texting, both of them are off again. Something catches my eye in the brooms where the Reed Bunting had appeared.  A flash of white rump.  Oh yes they are here....

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