3 April 2016

Went the day well

By the time I'd got to Long Wood my optimism had all but evaporated.  No Wheatear and only 3 Stock Dove to mention.  Is this what I had got out of bed before the alarm at 06:30 for? Bob had had the same idea, he however had just scored the first Willow Warbler, not really belting it out, in Long Wood. 

Bob is happy on finding a Willow Warbler!

It was not making itself known. It remained elusive when John W joined us briefly. Bob too soon departed having shopping to unpack, so I was left on my own...

I found a non-calling Willow Warbler soon after picking up my coffee, in Coronation Copse as I headed to where everything so far had been happening–the Alex. There I sat waiting for it to happen. Not a lot happening.

A half-hearted call roused my interest, coming from the lone hawthorn at the edge of the grasslands. A spanking male Redstart just visible engaging in top chats with a Robin. I'll have some of that. I wear my over trousers for just such occasions–crawling around in the mud and wet grass. Horray for over trousers. 

Marco was first to heed the call, just as I relocated the start in the pub scrub.  Bob and Rich R too late as a doggie had spooked it once too often.

It was my plan to keep to the flats today and get home early to finish off the Wanstead Bird Report that awaiting the final flourish.  However, I thought I'd give Long Wood and the SSSI a once over, just in case another Redstart could be found.

No luck there, but glancing up as I reached the scoured part of the SSSI, I got a Buzzard, then 4 more just to the east of it–2 already stratospheric and all but out of sight.  A House Martin appeared below them flying north–joy! 

Seeing it was raptor-o'clock I found me a comfortable ant hill and lay down. Red Kite, 2 of, next followed later by a Peregrine going north. Later a 6th Buzzard appeared over the park motoring towards me, but then I lost it. This forced me to stand, which was quite lucky as it was then I picked up the long winged excellence of an Osprey seemingly over the Esso garage. Bob needs this, so being the mate, I phoned him.  Dragged out for the second time of the day he had obviously had better things to do than watch the sky–he was in his slippers–and for the second time he dipped.  Not surprisingly as trying to make a call and watch an object nearly a mile a way is beyond my capabilities.  I lost the bird.  Ooops!

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