23 March 2016

Hoodie in the Hood

I thought I would get up early and find the first patch Wheatear, but it didn't happen. James had a similar plan, so we split up and scoured the Flats but failed to find any migrants. I decided to try the Park, and ended up attempting to tape lure a Cetti's under the pylon on the Roding. Things were getting desperate. Heading back via the Alex, I detoured for a Bounty bar, so it must have been the sugar rush. 
The first bird I saw, distantly perched in a tree leaning over the north side of Alex was surely a Hooded Crow. Double take as it immediately flew down - had to be - ultra patch Mega. 

I phoned Nick and told him I had a Hoodie on the South side of Alex, which is where he and James were standing. They were sceptical until I calmed down enough to get my bearings and adjust my directions. The bird then flew.

Luckily it landed and although distant I managed my usual bad photos. It then moved again.

James and Nick appeared and I explained where the bird was likely to be and we split up to try to relocate. Nick saw it from the south side and it flew back for James and I to get some photos as it perched out. It was quite restless and not associating with the other crows who were happy to ignore it.

 Yay! London and Patch tick, the sun burst through the clouds and a choir of angels started singing. However, after flying around the Alex again the Hoodie set off determinedly to the south, no doubt over Nick's house and on towards the Thames.

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