19 March 2016

Spring migration: It's happening–just not here!

Sand Martin, Swallow, Ring Ouzel, Willow Warbler, Wheatear–they're back! If you live in the west of the country that is, while we here on the east are still gripped by a wintery chill wind from the continent. So we wait.  We are good at this.  We are always waiting.

Meanwhile on the Perch Pond a pair of Great Crested Grebe are in the process of making a nest.  Right up the west end of the lake it is only a few metres out from the path.  Oh dear!  With the news of a Mute Swan being killed by one of the hundreds of unruly mutts and their stoopid owners, I can see it ending in disaster.  It will be great for pictures if the Corporation can inform their contractors, due to starting clearing the invasive floating weed, to keep a wide berth and if they muster up the conviction to help the birds from unwanted dog attack.  OK neither of those will happen, luckily these birds usually build a few nests before settling down to the task at hand, so before disturbance becomes fatal they might choose somewhere less accessible.

And a little something for you gull lovers.  Ugly has returned to Jubilee with a vengeance.  I give you two birds to consider. The first, darvik ringed (so no chance of getting any information off that) and teh second I think looks pretty good for a 1-2 winter Yellow-legged.  Shoot me down now!

and number 2

Of course I could look at my Larson (and again when I would have woken up!), but where's the fun in that.

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  1. The first Gull is metal ringed but not Darvic ringed - if it had of been it would have made the ID an awful lot simpler :-)