20 August 2015

Kick off

Aah one of those days! Started slowly and really kicked off when poor old Jono had left for work.  He did get the Tree Pipit, three of them schreeping around long wood, and some bloody excellent views too as one amiable bird let me hammer of a hundred shots or so as it clung to a birch. However, the day really started as I returned back to the Enclosure after escorting Mr L off the premises.

No sooner as I stepped through the middle break in the hedge line, than a female Common Redstart flew from Long Wood and into an oak, from there a quick flit to the brambles here she started feeding, that is until a dog walker came and spooked her, never to be seen again today.

Clouds of Starling wheeled away between the grass the elders and the brambles, down the ride a Garden Warbler vied for attention with two Reed Warbler, probably the lingering pair from last week.

Down at the west end of Long Wood a Spotted Flycatcher perched out on a branch, not the friendly type it hoofed it to the north side as I approached. I followed it round and back again, giving it a bit more of a wider berth. A Tree Pipit joined it, then a Whitethroat, then a smart male Redstart, ding dong!

After they had disappeared a second spotty joined the first on the north side, later to made into three birds by Dan. What with two Wheatear, the long staying Whinchat, and five flyover Yellow Wagtail a pretty good day.  Could have been better for now is the time of mysterious birds that evade identification through a quick glimpse as they move into the canopy or never quite come into sight: today a possible Nightingale in the west part of Long Wood as it moved from bush to tree.

Got to feel positive about a Wryneck in the next few days/weeks!!

The two young ladies who emerged from Long Wood (don't they know it's Wednesday?) and asked to have their photo taken and for it to be tweeted out.  So a bit of good PR, makes a change from slagging everybody off!

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