23 August 2015

Autumn Migration, Week 3: August 16-23rd

As always, after a quiet Sunday, Monday things happen; the first Common Redstart–a rather spanking looking male, buy you'll have to take my word for that as yet no one has pinned any of the buggers down for a picture–and the first returning Tree Pipit.  By Tuesday there were three Tree  Pipits of a slightly more photogenic nature than the now two Redstart.

Yellow Wagtail numbers were on the way up, while Willow Warbler became less conspicuous.  The Reed Warbler duo were back in the elders on the north side of the enclosure and Garden Warbler were intermittent.  The two Whinchat became one with the young bird disappearing leaving the adult to stay put the week in the pub scrub. Three Wheatear is a rather small return so far, but Spotted Flycatcher numbers are fairly good so far–up to five birds by the end of the week.

Other notable birds were a Bullfinch over on Friday, Stu had three Siskin on Leyton Flats, and still some Swift hanging on by the end of the week.

Unsettled weather for next could be good, could be wet...

could be one more of these...

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