4 January 2015

Slav to the rhythm

Had to go and spoil everything by taking my camera today, didn't I? For the morning many the little grebe showed stupidly well, at one point a mere 2 feet away from a prostrate Shaun Harvey (see blog list to the side) on the concrete apron of the pond - so close he couldn't focus on it. By lunchtime it had enough of its admirers and sailed off to the quieter side of the Heronry where it was shadowed by Black-headed Gulls looking for an easy fish snack, or suffered the indignation of one of our resident Little Grebe resenting the intrusion of a smarter looking bird. Unluckily for those who turned up then (patch tick in the form of Rich Bonser) it stayed there until they left, then cheekily came straight back across...

 Image: Shaun Harvey

Image: Shaun Harvey

While I played convivial host, Dan notched up the first Treecreeper of the winter in Bush Wood, and Marco ticked off Water Rail down the Aldersbrook. Me, I added House Sparrow to my list, cor!

You will of course be sick of the sight of Slav Grebe by the time Jono gets his big lens on to it, should it stay!

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