3 January 2015

... and this is why (Mr Vincenzobirder) I go out in the shitty weather...

Yesterday, lovely weather, and apathy covered me like a high tog duvet.  It was a high tog duvet. Today looked crap. I'll have some of that!

And it was looking crap until I made my way to the Tea Shop of Happiness when a s mart looking winter plumaged grebe shoved off from the bank not 10 foot away from me.  OK my initial ID of Black Necked Grebe was erroneous, who gives a fu... It was better, but it took the collective brains of six of Wanstead's, er best, to come up with Slavonian Grebe.  A patch first, and thankfully for Bob, not a BNG, which would only have been a year tick.  Only happy to oblige.

Of course since the weather was so , I didn't bother porting my camera around knowing full well there was nothing I was going to want to take a piccy of....

Thanks to the speedy Mr Brown and a ridiculously showy bird, when it came over our side, and I can only imagine the joy that our find must be having on our compatriot suffering lariphiles in the Middle East...

...and there'severy chance it will still be there tomorrow or longer if the Dartford bird from two year's ago is anything to go by.

A big thanks to Tony Brown for the use of his"images".

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