2 January 2015

... and we're off!

While Dan, with family back at home, managed a quick look at the Basin (Wigeon and GC Grebe still there) and Josh and Bob manfully putting in two good shifts a piece. Jono and I managed an hour between us (him from his front garden while getting in the car) before we gave in to the lure of filthy life ticks which took us and young Mr Archer north for a Little Bustard (with apparently no legs in my recollection) and a showy Blyth's Pipit (in the rain and gloom that is Wakefield). We amassed a less than grand total of 56 species for the patch, so plenty to play for...

Josh managed the best bird other than Dan's Wigeon, with a Siskin and now shares the lead with Bob, can he hold his nerve and go on to win the patch challenge?

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