9 August 2013

Return of the white arse

On cue Dan picked up the first returning Wheatear, which happily stayed around today so I could take some shoddy pictures of it (along with further dire attempts at capturing the female/juv Common Redstart, which is probably Monday's bird).

Some interesting Warblers over the last week: 4 Reed, possible Sedge, some Willow and a handful of Garden Warblers thrown into the mix; a Common Sandpiper and today the ridiculous mega of a Redshank (heard but not seen) as it got over the flats as quickly as it could towards Manor Park and the Thames further beyond.

Everybody was thrilled for me:

Dan H: "Nice one"

Tim H: "Wow! Mega indeed! Determination pays off"

Stuart F: "Wow! First record?"

... to which Bob V replied: "As far as I know. CMF"*

Indeed as far as we know this is the first confirmed case of Redshank on the patch. Clearly when they were shooting everything from Bittern to Sand Grouse way back when, they probably had a pop or two at a Redshank, but clearly thought it too mundane to mention. Both Tim and I have had possible calling birds before; mine after Katrina a couple of years back.

And of course Jono was delighted too

 "Yeah, you can't have a dodgy heard only ... (?)"

Ah! the pantomime villain is back.

"What about your Oystercatcher?"

"It was foggy..."

* CMF = Cosmic Mind Fuck (er! quite Bob)

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