22 August 2013

Is Cuckoo this years Wryneck?

Is Cuckoo this years Wryneck?

or Bob chasing the others

Jono had one early in the year, Nick saw one last week and Dan saw one this afternoon. Stay cool, no problem, get out there. Found Dan who'd seen it three times and after another look at the rather beautiful Pied Flycatcher he helped me with a search for cuckoo (and tree pipit). Dan found a wheatear. Met Marco who'd seen the cuckoo fly out of the brooms to West Copse. No pressure - I left them to grill the wood. 
First bird:

and what a white nape patch

Juvenile Cuckoo - get back in. It perched up three or four times, if only I had Jono's gear and skill....

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  1. Nice title Bob, but I hope not! Still plenty of time for one of those to show up