27 August 2013

Chatty birds

After the pea-souper had finally cleared Dan picked up a fine looking Wheatear and Whinchat in quick succession. A bit of a climb down from Saturday, I'd rather be soaking wet than tramp round for not a lot in the sunshine, but both the Whinchat and the Wheatear were quite amicable to my clumsy approaches, so can't complain, really.

It did feel like I was a step away from treading on a Wryneck, and maybe I was, things only started happening after the fog had lifted. When I retire I am going to live in a migration hotspot and have Booted/Barred/Icterine (add additional names as you see fit) in my borders, Wrynecks and Shrikes in my shrubs, waders in my water feature, and raptors round my roof. Norfolk would be top choice, but I am not a millionaire, nor likely to be one, so bearing that in mind it will probably be East Yorkshire, Northumberland or a council run care home (aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!). There was a place in Shetland, in-expensive and with land, but some how I don't think I could stand the winters.

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