28 August 2013

My life is fly

Two more of the little beauties today, but the question we always ask are they the same ones as before. The only one that looked appreciably different was the second one on Saturday, which looked like a juvenile, but three days on I'd say it was odds against these being the same birds. So that's about, er, between 6 and more I make it!

Pied Flycatcher locations Autumn 2013, to date

Managed to pick up the first Garden Warbler for a good few days while Dan, braving the SSSI after a harrowing experience there yesterday involving two men loving each other (or one particular part of one of the gentlemen at least), picked up a Redstart in the Wryneck bush. And on the subject of Wryneck, tardy communication from Barry meant I missed an opportunity to get the pair found on the KGV for my Pointless London List. Wanstead better deliver.


Most interesting bird of the day was the big grey "warbler" which flew into a elder in the company of two Common Whitethroat. I only picked it up at a distance, but it looked large, grey and not too far off a good call for a Barred Warbler, or a rough looking Spotted Flycatcher. Too far off to get a proper ID, I was beaten to the target by a tosser and his dog.  Same ol' same ol'. For the record I have a self-found Barred on Shetland: "big warbler just came in!". I know where I'll be heading tomorrow...

I nicked this off the interweb, and in keeping with what I might have seen will keep it small.  Scrunch your eyes up and squint, preferably from the back of the room or next door.  That's the fella! Maybe!

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