13 December 2012


Had high hopes for today when London disappeared from view from our lofty tower at Canary Wharf.  Smashing I thought: cold snap and fog = lost birds. Great.

An hour after my alarm went off I managed to keep awake long enough to get out of bed and put the kettle on.  Late on to the flats it didn't appear I'd missed anything, or I'd missed the lot.  Either way I couldn't see or hear anything.

A quick trundle with hope in my stride, became a crawl as all my best sites turned up blank.  Back on the loop home and standing in the little woodland to the north of the Alex, the Firecrest popped up just above my head and gave me and the auto-focusing a torrid time, but I am, smugly, rather pleased with results....

Happier.  I thought I might get back earlier to process the pics and upload them before I go to work. So instead of going via Long Wood, I took the diagonal/straight route across the Corporation's new mown areas. A couple of Lapwing, seemingly looking to land, caught my attention over Long Wood.  Any Lapwing on the deck is worth 10x one flapping over, so I rushed off a text and rushed off to the wood.

N-n-n-nineteen!  They actually looked quite at home.  Jono even got there to see them fly off.

Then another 22 flew west.  Visi-migging is what it's all about!

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