20 December 2012

An early Christmas present

As I was going to drunk on Friday night, I thought (rightly) to spend some money before the inevitable.  Knowing full well that my nearest and dearest would be buying me another shirt, perhaps socks, or ill fitting retro underwear, I decided to treat myself.  My second-hand (let's not get ahead of ourselves here!), Sigma DG 150-500mm was delivered remarkably speedily and I was able to go and play with it first thing Monday morning.  It will I am sure take a bit of getting used to.  It wobbles a bit so I started on the big stuff, steadily progressing to flying stuff and a few bits of small stuff that let me arse around with the focusing, which is slightly slower than the old Canon 400mm.

Technical stuff over, I mean after all I am still point and click - usually with the right ending pointing targetward. I am just happy that all my efforts didn't end in the bin and I have cause to regret my compulsion.  So from now on you'll get moorhen for you money, and hopefully less cropping than a heavily subsidised field of wheat.

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