25 November 2012

... the blustery day

"So-oo, are we going out and down the patch?", said Piglet hopefully.  "Nah, it'll be crap", replied Pooh from somewhere under the duvet. "You never know though!," said Piglet, still on the edge of his seat and ever hopeful.  "November is the June of Winter", remarked the duvet.  A lazy paw appeared, felt around like an elephant's trunk, located a jar of honey and retreated back undercover.

And Pooh was probably right, but so was Piglet.  If you don't go out you will never know.  So Pooh stayed under the duvet and Piglet checked out internet porn all day.

They really didn't miss much.

Way down south of the sewage works, through the gates of Mordor, the Aldersbrook runs out from the cemetery and enjoys a brief life of its own before getting consumed by the Roding somewhere in Manor Park.  I stop here occasionally just in case.  I am not sure just in case of what, as I haven't seen much in the little pond that marks the birth of the brook, via a pipe under the cemetery.

On the other side of the path I have.  A snipe one winter and also at that time a Water Rail. I had just snapped off a few images of a Kingfisher which then flew a few yards down the stream.  I rattled off a few more before realising that in the background a rail had come out and was prodding around in the shallow water.  The first returning bird this year.  So Piglet was right, but I can't help feeling that Pooh was being remarkably more sensible.  Especially for a bear with little brain.

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