27 November 2012

Upside down flying Snipe, big hawk and stuff

You go all your life not seeing an upside down flying Snipe, perhaps not even considering the idea of an upside down flying Snipe.  Then as you innocently enough try to take some photo things of a right way up flying Snipe, which aren't going to turn out well, it suddenly does the upside down flying thing.  Amazing!  And unfortunately all my pics are ruff and crap, as it did it at a fair rate of knots (geddit!) as it curl(ew)ed over my head.

The only reason I saved the pictures was to try an gauge the bill length; looked a bit short to me, but that could be the angle of the bird!

My stint down the police scrape over, I pottered round the SSSI checking out a Long-tailed Tit flock and its accompanying Goldcrests.  Then the alarm went up.  I looked around and a few seconds later this beauty came and landed in a tree just beyond the one I was stood behind. I rattled off a few shots before it noticed me.  It gave me one of those "if you were a bit a smaller, I'd have you, ya piece of shit!" looks, and then ignored me.  Sweet.

In other stuff, good to see the Ingrebourne finally has it's own web page (see link to the side and while you are at it, sign the petition against the D&R warden cuts, and tell the National Trust how to run a moorland), and about time.   I look forward to see how it progresses, but already I've noticed that the main players down there are already on board following the site, unlike our team....

Every site worth its salt should have one, so come on Lindo get your bunch together and give us a Scrubbers blog.


  1. Haha! David already has a blog .. But as he does quite a bit of jetting around the world these days, there isn't that much about the scrubs on there, I suppose .... So I had been thinking that we should get our act together and do a multi-author blog like this. Only then will you begin to understand just how exhilarating a wet November morning on the Scrubs can be. None of us are really photographers either and we don't have a personal armoury of lenses to match Mr Lethbridge, so it might be a bit text-heavy. I'll see if there's any appetite amongst the other scrubbers

    1. It's not just about pictures, though they do help fill the large gaps between the waffle. Maps, lists, all time lists, contacts, incidentals; all of which help build up a picture and give a sense of place. I've never been to the scrubs, but I imagine it as a kind of western sister of the flats. It would be great to have a more in-depth impression. Who knows next year I might even get there!