12 September 2012

Time of Jays

More mornings of early starts with fewer rewards.  We had hoped that a turn in the weather would stop the rot and drop us in a few gems.  The opposite happened.  Now though it is the time of the Jays.  They are everywhere, usually with a gob or a crop full of acorns, which they will plant all over east London and promptly forget about most of them.  Smart bird the Jay!

On the plus side I did get a Greenshank calling over the Alex last Friday.  Couldn't see it, never usually can with waders, but distinctive enough for a positive ID.  Would have been nice to have got a glimpse, even if it was just an arse heading off west. 

After Saturday's early start, I did the same again on Sunday.  It caught up with me somewhere near the Roding and although I did a full shift of 12+  hours most of it was in a prone position somewhere or other.

Nuthatch again on two days, it would be nice to think there are more than just the one bird.  Next  Treecreeper.  And I still wait for my Osprey.

Not too sure what this lot were up to.  Either they are being well trendy and doing an Usain Bolt, or an insane nazi.

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