16 September 2012

Team Wanstead

Another long stint on the patch on Saturday, but with Tony B getting all the good birds I might as well have stayed in bed.  A good team effort brought us 56 sp on the flats, which was almost trumped by a pretty good response from the park with 54, giving a total of 67.  Not bad at all. 

Interestingly, on my way home as dusk fell I heard some strange owl like calls emanating from centre copse.  Yeagh I know, strange calls emanate from all the copses at this time of night, but no-one was there - I checked.  Unfortunately I was distracted by the Wheatear chacking at me from the path.  So tomorrow I am in the copses tape luring.  Who knows we might have got a Little Owl back.  That'll make Jono scamper with renewed vigour!

Balloon's Crake showing well, Alex

In two weeks time I'll be on Shetland, going swish-swish in a small clump of nettles at the behest of Mr Garner, and when I get back all the chats and summer stuff will have gone.  Winter's a long time when you miss these birds.

Today was the 2nd anniversary of the first Wryneck, but judging by the lack of texts hitting my phone while looking after my dad, not many of Team Wanstead were out.  Tim later noted the Wigeon (juvenile) on Ornamentals and a build up of Martins over Heronry, but nothing else.  Mind you with the wind stubbornly sitting in a westerly direction we are going to find it hard work.  Here's hoping I am utterly wrong, again!

Chiffchaff numbers are still good; around 30 on the flats, 10 for the park. Common Whitethroats have all but gone, though Tony made up for that by finding a Reed Warbler in the scrub by Alex and I might have had a Garden Warbler north of Long Wood. As for other migrants. Saturday was the first Mipit day, with around 30-40 going south in small parties and singles, had a couple of Siskin over too, the first of the Autumn.

Birds of the day for me though, the Wigeon on ornamentals and a smart male Teal in the cut.


  1. Lovely Whinchat shots. Very nice and obliging.

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  3. Try again. Could have been better, but for the phone ringing at the wrong moment. Nice hirundine shot by the way!