5 September 2012

Tree Pipit... ...and about bloody time!


Yesterday a bird flew up into the hawthorn that held my attention.  I knew it was a Tree Pipit as soon as I got a good view of it, and I am pretty convinced that bird I had, not so far from here in August was also one.  Like Med Gulls, you trawl through hundreds of Black-headed birds for a clue and when you get one in your gaze you wonder what all the fuss was about.  Same with Tree and Meadow. Just to confirm things it did have the courtesy to call as it flew to the next bush along.  As Stuart alluded to at the weekend their flight is so markedly different too, more like a flycatcher.

Today's bird was most likely yesterday's bird, and this time Jono managed to catch up with on his return from the school run. 

The Alex scrub has been fantastic in the last few days, I could easily have spent my whole morning there, but today I got a call from Natalia at the Little Tea Shop of Happiness regarding a large moth that needed immortalising. A Red Underwing apparently, would have been a tick for Tim who knows a thing or two about moths.

Meanwhile the Redstart count goes up, 8 now in the first 5 days of September - we only had 3 the whole month last year - 2 males today, new Spotted Flycatcher in with 4 on the flats and 2 in the park and there must be several more to be found given time, 3 Whinchat and 2 stonking Wheatear.  I am still waiting for my Osprey!

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