17 June 2012

It's June, but all is not quite lost, perhaps!

June's is a struggle.  A struggle to get up, a struggle to get good weather, a struggle to see any good birds, a struggle to see any birds.  But even now, you never quite know.  If I stayed in bed of a morning I would only think I had missed something good and so I struggle out and don't miss anything because it's not there, or perhaps I just got up too late.

It's not all bad though: there's the Willow Warbler(s) still singing in the SSSI, crazy Whitethroat everywhere, even the Lesser Whitethroat decided to sing in the sunshine this morning. Swifts screaming, Skylark and Meadow Pipit in the long grass  - the flats looked beautiful again - the only draw back being having to share it with others.  In the rain over the past few weeks I've been virtually alone in the park, on the flats and down by the Roding.  Heaven!

Reedy's got a partner on the Shoulder of Mutton, and the Little Grebe have a chick a piece.  On the main lake a new Great-crested Grebe slumbered, hidden from view of the resident pair and their 3 youngsters (and how they've grown!), the Tern are a daily occurrence and the tea shop opens when it's not raining.  What's not to like.

And sometimes something special: a Peregrine over the golf course, calling Hobby, 3 Kestrel over the flats... er that's it...

Saw a baby frog today. Or if it was a toad. Saw a baby toad today.

Oh and a Smooth Newt in Angel pond.

And that really is it!  Roll on August.

 Oooh a squirrrel with a blonde tail!

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