19 June 2012

Don't go down to the woods today, or Wednesday

Nothing whatsoever of any interest happened today. Spent some time looking for the Willow Warbler in the SSSI without any luck.  Met a guy out looking at the grasses.  I've met him before, probably last year at this time, but can't remember his name.  He takes samples of the plants and takes them home and dissects them to photograph. When I met him he was looking for hairy sedge, which is a plant, not a request in Long Wood. At the time I was trying to peer into the Cat and Dog pond to see if any amphibians had managed to survive.  Nothing but interesting bubbles, probably of methane.

Stick my neck out, I am going Black-tailed Skimmer on this one...

In the park I met another guy picking up litter, while I was trying to snap a rather curious scene where it appeared two large"flies" (ID being looked into by Professor Tim) were eating a spider's catch of a small damselfly.  The spider was either oblivious to it, or decided better than to get involved.  I thought at first the flies (or truth be told I thought moth), had been trapped along with the damsel, but when a second joined the first I could see they appeared to be making a meal of the spider's meal.

Anyway back to the guy picking up litter.  Not a local he had come to Wanstead from Croydon, not to pick up after the local fuckwits (and here again I am assuming this), but when I met him he had two large bags full.  We had quite a good discussion on the malaise of society, after which I bought him a coffee.

Down in the old sewage works I met a third guy, with bins, looking at Banded Demoiselle. He had been looking for Egret, so learning that there was FA about I didn't bother going any further.  A crisis had occurred involving a missing pack of Rizla so I had to retrace my steps.

Spent a bit of time pointing and clicking at the Common Tern as it fished. An F stop to me is what you have at the end of a f-sentence, and I am told that ISO do excellent sushi. I am happy in my ignorance.

Just sitting on a log in the broom fields, watching the Swift and House Martin, yet another guy comes up and introduces himself as KBA, an African rap artist.  He could probably hear my inward sigh: "not a-f***ing-gain!".  Had to listen to KBA's solos on U-Tube, and while not bad, were not quite the solitude I had been hoping for.

And it wasn't even Wednesday

OOOOh a two headed duck. You can, should you wish, turn this picture upside down and it will appear the same. Magical!


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    2. No large ungainly genitalia looking like a scorpions sting, so I presume both were female. Paul Ferris is our man who knows of such things, I will pass him on the pictures.

  2. Or it could be just a Common Scorpion fly