28 December 2013

The return of the wanderer

Following a lead given to us a few days back I've been following up reports of a Little Owl back in Centre Copse.  The report was from a month ago, but always the optimist....

Bingo the little egg-shaped silhouette was there as reported.  Sweet, and just in time for the new year patch bash.

Today I was mainly trying to do thrushes.  It started well, then gradually down hill, couldn't even find a Song Thrush to pap, and the Redwing were just too shy.  Nice Fieldfare and Mistle Thrush though.  And that's it!  Probably till the new year.  Off to twitch some auk thingy and help Bob, Tim and Jono onto a diver, which they all need and I don't: so another one of my blockers looks to be about to fall.

So 2013, was it good?  you betcha!

Records tumbled.  More species, higher numbers of some, very low numbers of others.  A case of swings and roundabouts.  Looks like we may have said farewell to the Lesser spots, but we have Wryneck! A few missed opportunities: Knot, Serin/Canary, unidentified bunting sp, Tony's might have had Pintail, and Tim may have had Stu's Hawfinch moving through from Leyton Flats: but that's all water under the bridge.  Next year looms.  What cock-ups can I perpetrate,and what others can I get right? What new stuff will pop in? And when will the Wheatear get here?

Exciting stuff.  But now I am bored!

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