12 December 2013

The gulls of the world aint nothing but trouble

It's quiet down on the old patch and its got colder. But I've been staying in bed thinking of the patch and London rarities, so that's alright.  When I have ventured out it's been quiet and cold out there and I think about my bed.

And when I do go out, there's not much to see.  Skylarks and Linnet piling up on the Police Scrape, always good and there's gulls. Still crap at them, but curiously drawn to them, looking for a way in to understand their various morphologies.  I am talking the big ugly ones here, the ones that were once all known as Herring Gull.  I have to say though, while some of the adults can be scary looking and mightily angry about something, the young are rather beautiful. Some it might even be said could be interesting, but probably aren't.  So here's this new winter collection of "could it be (but probably not)" interesting gullage.

Then it got foggy


Something else you've got to Hate/Love

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