4 October 2011

Black gold

Met up with Mr Harris on the flats Tuesday.

"Quiet today!"

"Yes, quiet."

"This time last year, we'd had Ring Ouzel, and Redwing..."

"Yes quiet today."

We circumnavigate Long Wood. The southside towards the broom fields.

A small party of Song Thrush rise up from the brooms, flushed by a dog. Maybe remnants of the small fall from Monday, which brought many a quip from the recipients of my text mentioning an incidence of thrush.

Then Mr Harris spots two Ring Ouzel in the next batch of disturbed birds. More like it. The mood changes immediately. We try and refind them and fail (Stuart later refound the male holed up at the east end of Long Wood that afternoon). It's a start and if it's anything like last year, we're in for a busy couple of weeks.

One from the spring before you ask

Our pondering, and wishful thinking also provided 3 Wheatear and 2 Whinchat breaking the drought of the last week, and what with Stuart's Woodlark on Saturday, the east end of Long Wood is becoming "the" place again.

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