18 April 2018


Sorry Tim got to be done: 

Rook: 40 records since 1976!

2018: 15+ records (so far), with a juvenile seemingly taking up residence with the crows around Alex, presumably because they’re having the same amount of trouble identifying it as we are.  Easily the best year for records we’ve had, the latest being an adult seen today (18th April).

Prior to 2013: Rare, with just four known records. The first was of a bird Flying over Wanstead Park on November 3rd 1976, another of a bird flying over a garden near the Flats on June 14th 2009, one over Alexandra Lake on March 25th 2012, and another at Alexandra Lake on March 9th 2013               

2014: two over Wanstead Flats, 10/3

2015 10 birds were noted from the 14th March to the final bird on the 27th over the flats

2016: 4 records for this year.  Either these birds are becoming more regular between the end of March and April or we are getting better at recognising them.  First on the 24th March, with 2 the next day which actually landed in a gathering of crows on the football pitches west of Alex.  Needless to say it wasn’t long before the crows chased them off.  One on the 10th April and the final bird of the year over Wanstead Park on the 15th April.

2017: 5 Records

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