21 September 2016

Patch Locations: The Lovely Jubilee Pond

This is one of a series of posts in which readers can explore parts of the wider Wanstead Patch that we often talk about. Today it is the turn of the scenic and sublime Jubilee Pond.

Or should that be slime? Have you ever been to Jubilee Pond? Don’t bother, it’s totally disgusting, an embarrassment. It used to be a boating lake back in the day, but gradually sank into disrepair. It was refurbished a way back when, and then more recently again in 2013, using funds gained from the Olympics – partly from the rental of Fairground Flats to the metropolitan police for their temporary megabase. The renovations were about cleaning it up, making a nice path to go around the edge, planting cover for wildlife, and of course adding some amenities for the local community to enjoy – some bike racks, some picnic benches, and a small pier for pond dipping. You don’t need me to tell you how the local community have “enjoyed” it. Here are a few photos to show what it looks like. I haven’t posted the dead Mute Swan that was floating with its head underwater at the west end for a few days. It’s probably still there, we rang somebody but they couldn’t be bothered.

note the brand of juice please

So, lovely as I am sure you will agree. Basically Jubilee Pond has found permanent favour as a place to sit and drink yourself to oblivion and then chuck shit all over the place. Ideally in the pond. It’s filthy, it smells, and there are rats the size of beavers. The lack of care shown by those that cause it to be in this state is flabbergasting. I have a solution though, and it is to close the local shop. Shut it down.

 Just across the road from Jubilee is the Dames Road Convenience Store. Convenient if you are after something to throw on the floor. It has a staggering selection of alcohol which it sells indiscriminately to anyone who wants it, assuming they are over 18 of course. Customers place their purchases in blue plastic bags and then go home to consume it responsibly hem hem. This is what the shopkeeper will tell you. What actually happens is that the customer crosses the road, drinks the lot, pisses in the bushes and chucks the whole lot in the pond (or vice-versa, or both). The fact that a great many of the plastic bags, bottles, cans and cartons that leave the shop end up on the floor within 100 yards of its front door cannot have escaped the attention of the owner, who probably has to pick his way through the detritus every day. The question of course is whether or not it is his responsibility? Is it his fault that his clients drop litter? No. However should he feel bad that the local area looks like a total shithole primarily because of his business? Yes he bloody well should. Does he? I don’t know, I might ask, but my assumption is that he does not because it is getting worse and worse. Which must also mean he is making more and more money and therefore is pretty happy with how it is going. I would like to see him going round picking up all the litter, and in some cases, his unconscious customers.

No doubt there will be denials. How can I prove it all came from the shop? Well I can’t of course. Circumstantially however it is interesting to note that the same brand of mango juice that I find cartons of all around Jubilee is the same brand he stocks, and that empty booze bottles are stickered up in the same way, but that’s not proof is it? No. But actually I don't care, I don't need proof and it won't make any difference anyway. What I would like you to do is boycott the shop as they're guilty as sin. You know it and I know it. And they know it. Bastards. Or better still, go and pick up the litter and then walk into the shop and dump it there. Literally empty the bag out on the floor and walk out. Viva la revolucion!

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