26 May 2016

Probably a Pelican

Was just walking to work today when I saw a white bird briefly over the trees. Seemed pretty big, and it had wings so I reckon it was probably a Pelican. There’s been one in another county recently so that’s probably it. Just checked the patch list and we don’t have this one yet so that’s good news! Apparently there’s a Lammergeier knocking around as well. Let’s hope that I don’t see the next Buzzard very well and can add that too. In fact, why wait,  I’ll just put it on now. Local birding is just so easy sometimes!


PS Love ya Nick!!


  1. Replies
    1. Hahahahahaha, could not resist! All part of the service. And all part of the fun that is local birding, and with June coming up we need all the fun we can get.