11 May 2016

Dinlin Dyslexia

Yesterday I dug out my old bicycle, sprayed the coggy geary things with WD40, pumped up tyres that had been flat for a good 10 years, and waited to see if they stayed inflated. This morning dawned misty, ideal for waders and the tyres were still quite full. So, bravely, I followed the green example of Marco and Jono Biker Lethbridge and wobbled unsteadily off. Great, well greatish, you can get where you're going quicker but arrive much more knackered. Jubilee was quiet, the flats were wet.

Having made it to Alex I had some difficulty getting my leg over, not easy at my age, the bar is quite high. A dismountation problem. Trundling my stead along Alex shoreline a couple of waders flew silently past - looked OK for Common Sand I thought, but perhaps not flicky enough. They landed at the SE corner and I so cast my bike to the ground. Bill droop tipped and yes, dark belly. Ultra Mega Monster Full Phat Patch Tick, twice!! Firing off a couple of shots I grabbed the phone to discover I'd forgotten my specs! You can never have enough tech, clearly my bike mounting had distracted me from a basic requirement. Phoned Nick and made garbled Tweet. Enough words:

A jogger went past and very close but they remained feeding. I pointed out she'd been very close to some Dunlin and she seemed to recognise this as good, so I allowed her a borrow of my bins. She seemed very pleased and shook my hand and jogged on. All part of the service. I was staying at a good distance and saw Nick coming across the footy pitches so I phoned him to say all was well. At that point the Dunlin decided to leave of course, so I was able to provide a flying commentary as they headed towards him going SW, so Nick got them for a birthday YT.

Nick then picked up a Barnacle Goose on Alex, which is a plastic patch tick for me. Some pain some gain.

Come to think of it "ummfppt" was more or less the noise I made getting off the bike, they must have heard.

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