23 January 2016

Demure Jay

Some days you can see dozens of Jays, sometimes dozens at a time, then other times not a sniff. Clearly a beautiful bird, charismatic, with a voice that would bring the house down on the X Factor. I think the Jay is one of those birds that is taken for granted.

When I was growing up it was an exotic bird in our garden, and judging by the reactions of most non-birders it still is: "Saw this really weird, big pink bird... " Now it is much more common and perhaps under appreciated, though it still makes me smile when I see one around the flat. It's a harbinger of Autumn as they stream out of the woods, crop-filled with acorns. Our woods are a testimony to their labour.

They don't always allow their pictures to be taken, but sometimes you can get one chilling out in the sun. (I thought I'd have a play around with the colour tone)

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