7 August 2015

Migrant watch 1, August 1–7

So no biggies as yet, but the numbers of migrants albeit Willow and Garden Warbler, are on the up, and it looks like being a good year for not only our House Martin, but Lesser Whitethroat too. By the end of the first week 5 Willow Warbler were in residence between Alex and the SSSI, while Garden Warbler were favouring the elders and blackberries in Long Wood over the SSSI.  There were also two Reed Warbler today in the enclosure, but they've probably one moved the few hundred metres from the shoulder of mutton, but they have been the first I've been able to get anywhere near taking a picture of. Not much happening at Alex yet, and the Park is firmly in June mode.

Slightly more promising is that there have been a few more Hobby sightings, one even bearing prey off towards Bush Wood, while another bird had a bit of a set-too with a Kestrel over the ornamental waters–there can't be two pairs, surely? The first Buzzard for over a month was seen in the old sewage works, and an interestingly dark form at that.

May be the mipits have come up trumps as one was seen with food with a couple of others flying around in the same area  and not being chased off.  Skylarks have vanished so I expect they are moulting in the long grass.

Visimigging hasn't really got going yet, with just one Crossbill and some small hirundine and Swift passage.

On a non bird note, Dan pitched in with the first Brown Argus of the year to my knowledge, and since I've yet to see one on patch, I might have to trolley down to the Jubilee car park for a bit of a sniff around tomorrow. Dan you are meant to be finding us waders or Pied Fly before you go!

Brown Argus pics Dan Hennessy

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