11 August 2015

Catcher in the Fly

Looked promising today.  Still looked promising today by the time I got to the Alex and still hadn't seen anything really worthwhile–a half-a-dozen Willow Warbler not quite what I was hoping for, and a female Shoveler very nice but...

I did a circuit of the pub scrub for nothing, but heading back towards Alex I saw a small bird fly to the top of one of the smaller oaks.  Not a Whitethroat, so probably something quite good if it can avoid being a Dunnock. It was neither, rather a young Whinchat, a rather early Whinchat if what passes for memories serve me well.  Buoyed I made my way back past the lake, a female Teal swam away from the shore.  Interesting!

 Still with time on my hands, I needed to go to the SSSI to add to my collection of Willow Warbler. That would mean passing Long Wood, which at this time of year is a good idea to pass by as many times as possible.  I watched a couple of Whitethroat, and a bird that was, again, definitely not a Whitethroat. It had its back to me, and while not quite right for a Pied it wasn't obviously Spotted.  It finally put me out of confusion by turning to show it was indeed a spotty.  Sweet!  That news even brought Bob out of his house.

The SSSI was empty, I thought, but safely sat behind my desk the incoming texts were of Pied Flycatcher and seven Willow Warbler from Dan, and just to rub salt into my wounds a fly-over Red Kite from Marco. The patch is flying.

Pied Fly, SSSI: Dan H

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