5 March 2015

The battle lines are being drawn

Wanstead Parklands tweeted this picture today with the triumphal message: "Sterling work in Wanstead Park by Epping Forest Conservation Volunteers - clearance revealed bluebells"

My tweet from the previous day was slightly at odds with this great achievement: "Looks like the friends of Wanstead Park will get their way with or without the consultation. More needless trashing of the best habitats"

I can see we will be disagreeing on a lot of things. One has to ask what is the purpose of this? To find yet more bluebells?

I can see some reason for clearing the SSSI of invasive scrub, but this particular little copse has not invaded anything and to my recollection this is not SSSI.  Is it to bring back Skylark, which left the park some years ago because of disturbance? Or so the enlightened visitor the park can enjoy the really ugly back-end of a building put up by some rich twat years ago before he lost all of his money being a twat? Or just wanton vandalism?

I am sure if you cut down all of the trees you'd find one or two bluebells, but carry on hacking the marginal habitat you wont find many birds...

1 comment:

  1. On top of that, I hope they know their plants and its not those garden hybrid bluebells that are popping up everywhere, would make it even more pointless!