14 August 2014

August 14th: warblers

I enjoyed myself today, not that I don't always. Warblers seemingly everywhere, the difference quite possibly a small fall but probably because I found some Long-tailed Tit on the east side of the Alex scrub and followed them down the avenue of trees by the road.

Certainly more bird activity down here for a long time. There were even warblers in the willows on the shore and on the islands at the Alex, even a Reed Warbler in the lower horizons.  I counted around about 100 warblers in all, but you could probably add half as much again for the birds not seen.  No sign of the big one, but a least the frazzled patches are being used and not just by Dunnocks.  It all just felt like it should have been a Spotted Flycatcher day, but it wasn't.

In 2010 Wheatear were again our first returning migrant on the11th, three days later and the first Whinchat are back. I found a Wood Warbler in the Old Sewage Works, after following Long-tailed Tit flocks for weeks, on the 20th.  Spotted Flycatcher took up their positions on the 21st, followed the next day by Common Redstart and a couple of Tree Pipit. Our one and only Pied Flycatcher that year just scraped in on the 30th and a Crossbill a day later.

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