2 January 2014

Welome to 2014

A rather damp and thus poor start to 2014 saw us end the day on 61 species. I say us, really I mean Nick, as most of us gave up once the proper rain set in - about 11am, a much reduced coverage. Nick exists in a state of perpetual dampness, so didn't actually notice and continued to flog round the Park whilst the rest of us sat it out indoors. The Little Owl did the decent thing by remaining present over New Year, as did the Great Crested Grebe, but Bush Wood was a wind-swept avian desert and we couldn't find anything in there at all.

The day was most notable from my perspective due to not seeing things. There have not been many January firsts where I have returned home without a Dunnock or a Chaffinch, for example. And no Cormorant, how is that even possible? I probably could have found these had I wished to get wet, but funnily enough I didn't fancy it and went home for a cup of tea instead. I figure I'll get them sooner or later.

In addition to the Owl, highlights were a flushed Woodcock in Bush Wood that was a lifer for Josh, and a Nuthatch at the Alex. Poor fare in other words, but I have remedied the situation slightly this afternoon by managing a quick dash to Bush Wood in better weather which netted the Treecreeper near the Quaker compound, and a Firecrest a bit east of that towards the main ride. Here's a photo of the former, no time to stick around for the latter as I needed to get back to the mines. And still no hint of a Chaffinch!

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