11 October 2013

Ouzel time

 Thursday was quite a day: 1600 plus Redwing careering west over the course of three hours, but of course the bird of the day was a Ring Ouzel that plummeted outof the sky into a blackberry bush and was not seen again all day.  It was there today though and for an ouzel showed remarkably well until vanishing into some hawthorns by the enclosure.  Bob was on hand to get another patch tick, and is now within gobbing distance of Mr Lethbridge and with him and myself out of the picture: we are off to Shetland - it's game on for Bob and Dan.

And after saying to anyone close enough, that Brambling would be thin on the ground this year due to bumper Beech mast crop, I proved myself utterly wrong, yet again, by notching up five yesterday. Today looks potentially better than yesterday but sadly I had to leave early to buy some trousers after some caustic comments about my appearance by Mr Lethbridge over the weekend. Quality stuff, should last a few weeks!

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