29 June 2013

Naff all else to do but take a stroll in the park

 Met up with Mr Fisher at a reasonable hour this morning.  If anyone was going to manage to get anything out of this increasingly dire time of year, it would be Stuart, so I needed to be there, just in case like!

We saw and heard bugger all!. OK, not quite true, but near enough.  A Hobby over the Shoulder of Mutton, a couple of Little Egrets down by the roding, but for the most part it was a lesson in moths, butterflies and damsels - and there weren't many of those either.

It did pick up slightly after Stuart headed back to Leytonshire; a couple of Bullfinch sighed through the OSW, caught up with the egret again, a couple of Kingfisher, loadsa chiffies in the old sewage works, a Grass Snake and some Hornet.  Since nothing else was happening elsewhere, pretty much a result!

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