14 April 2013

Sunday anti-climax

Put the mockers on it, didn't I! Said it was going to be mega, what it was was windy. Anything not nailed down is probably in Scotland by now, so despite all our searching no Redstart of either flavour. 

Luckily for you my camera drank to much water yesterday and was left at home with a hangover, so no examples of the paucity of birds on the patch.  Having said that Wheatear numbers grew by the hour, we had three before we all gave up.  Tony had four and check out his stunning pics on http://www.thecowboybirder.com/ and later Dan revived his interest and notched up five. A few Swallows, a couple of HouseMartin and that was that for today. Oh and my Peregrine swooping low over the football games on the western flats.  Bet none of them noticed.

Expect one of these soon

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