1 April 2013

Migrant Dribble - LRP

Nick found a Little Ringed Plover today. I twitched it. Although it is now British Summer Time, in addition to this we've had one Wheatear and a couple of Chiffchaff. In other words it has been dreadful. Still, LRP is always a good one to get and they are less than annual. Naturally it was on Police Scrape, our wonder wader wetland area. Let's hope this continues to be left alone - the Corporation tried to level it the other day, and then painted lines on it for the fair - they're good at making money; less good at habitat management...... In the event no fair has materialised. Which is a good thing as A) Fairs are rubbish and B) Little Ringed Plovers hate dodgems.

Lovely habitat.

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