5 March 2013

Just, ever so slighty, off patch

I've been staking out a few likely berry bushes all winter, only to see them be robbed of their fruit by the local Blackbird, Mistle Thrush and Wood Pigeon with the odd Fieldfare thrown in, and not a sniff of a Waxy.  My last hope was the cotoneaster tree by Durning Hall, still full of berries even after the unwanted attention of the local Wood Pigs.

Monday's birds above

Finally it happened.  Yesterday as I strove to get out on to the patch earlier than usual I heard the trilling.  Couldn't actually place where it was coming from, but after a while I noticed the tree across the road from Durning Hall was festooned with trilling Waxoes.  Heaven!  I managed to rattle off 350 + shots, but because the sun had not yet risen, they are all virtually crap.  I spent an hour sorting through the darkened dross last night in an effort to salvage something from it with a view to posting on The Twites today.  But what do I see when I sleepily open up the site this morning.  A rare post from Mr Fisher with Waxwing, and really not bad shots. Crap!

The birds weren't there as I passed this morning, but on my way back from a pretty quiet morning on the flats and in the park, there they were, at least some of them.  Not the 48 of yesterday, but about half, and the light was good.  Just the sodding twigs to contend with. And although slightly off the patch, by about a quarter of a mile, I give you a bit of Scandinavian beauty.  Phwoar!

Even Mr Brown was tempted by their loveliness, while most of the inhabitants of Forest Gate wandered around unaware of the stars in their midst. Twats!

Normal service to be resumed....

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