9 March 2013

Curlew Jam

I've been on Wanstead Flats precisely eight times this year. This is beyond pathetic. I've been to the Park five times. Terrible. I've also had a quick wander around Bush Wood a couple of times in order to pick up Firecrest etc. What am I trying to say?

How about this? That I am a jammy so-and-so. Yes, that's it. Patch jam. OK, so my patch year-list is pretty meagre on 72, but there are some glorious moments in there. Waxwing on the school run and at the end of my road on the way to work, Short-eared Owl whilst on the phone, and today a couple of Curlew - a full fat patch tick, and the first since the early 1970s. Get. In.

I was awoken by a text at around half seven this morning. Dan had had seven Curlew over Bush Wood. Nooooooo!! Too late again, I rolled over. Then another text, this time from Dan himself. 30 Lapwing coming my way. I resolved to get out of bed. The moment I hit the patch 80 Lapwing flew over my head. Hmmm, possibly a good morning coming up?

It was. Whilst chewing the fat with Dan at the vizmig point another two Curlew flew over. I sent some joyous texts that were well-received. Get in! I've been waiting eight years for these, happy days. I didn't have a camera, but here are some Teal from the Park - Shoulder of Mutton, where the Water Rail was also present. Bring on tomorrow.

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