5 January 2013

Assault on Bush Wood

Mission Firecrest, 1500 hours.
Highly successful raid on Bush Wood in search of year ticks, with Firecrest picked up near on immediately on the west side of the main ride directly opposite Belgrave Heights and where the first path branches inwards, followed shortly after by definitely one, and probably two Nuthatches along the second path. Add to that Coal Tit at the southern end and about a trillion Great Tits, drumming Great Spot and a handful of Goldcrests, and this was a rather good 45 minutes that more than makes up for being entirely absent from the patch since the first of January. Easy does it.

Not much else to say, though in the week I've heard reports of Grey Wag along the Roding, Wigeon on Heronry, and Little Egret from the Old Sewage Works - presumably the river is a little lower now.

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