21 January 2013

A(pple) plan bears fruit

Armed with more apples from the Co-Op, I found Mr Lethbridge staking out the brooms by the chosen trees. He'd already got some tasty pics, so before he left he helped me add to the growing orchard. The flocks of winter thrush appeared to have left anyway so I hoofed it over to Alex, not sure quite what the best option was.  We're talking fly over waders, like all and sundry got over the weekend, bar us.

Picked up Josh on his first foray of the New Year, he's my lucky talisman, things usually happen when he's with me.  Nothing unusual had happened by the time we got to the Old Sewage Works, so I was considering chucking him in the river to replace the dog.

However, when we got to the south end, I notice a couple of crows giving it some to a Buzzard. It's always pleasing to see a large raptor over the patch, and it's been sometime since I saw one.  [Having looked at the pictures on screen: interesting looking black belly on it, wish I'd had better views now].

That done, we had a look at the ducks.  Same old, same old.  Dipped the rail.  And wandered back towards the flats.

Just wanted to check out my apples once more.

I could see Fieldfare flapping around, but not a lot else.  While I started to make a rolly, a flock of birds flew in, with my hands full, I guessed Redwing.  Guessed wrongly Redwing. As they flew in a small orbit round us I got them in the bins.  Waxwings, 17 counted Josh, as I was busy.  They finished their circle and landed back on the apple bearing Hawthorn.  OMG it had worked, unbe-fecking-lievable.  I hurried off a few shots and decided to get a bit closer.  Too late a dog walker flushed the whole lot.

"Didn't you see the Waxwing?"

"Heard them come over my head"

"I was hoping to get their pictures, that's what the set up is for"




  1. Haha! Knew your tone would change re: dog walkers from Sundays post!

  2. Quoting the late George Peppard (Hannibal) "I love it when a plan comes together". Great result Mr C.