11 November 2012

A mystery!

Not much has happened on the patch lately compared with what's gone before. Saturday and for want of anything better to do and in response to being "couldn't be arsed" to go anywhere else, I wandered down the park and even took in the ornamental waters, that's how bored I was. I can convince myself I was looking for Treecreeper or some exotic duck, but basically it was time wasting till it got dark.

But you never know.  I heard a Black-headed Gull making a lot of  noise over the tree tops.  It's incessant calling finally registering and getting my interest.  I couldn't see the bird, but as I rounded the last bit of the ornamentals I saw what was possibly the cause of the screaming hiatus.  Two blobs at the top of the pylon by the old pumping house.  The two blobs were a pair of Peregrine, the first pair I've seen.  Unfortunately they decided to move somewhere quieter before I got close enough.

Meanwhile in the interesting bits of the ornamentals, i.e. the hardest bits to get a good view of, the juv Wigeon was still kicking about, as were a few male Teal. Before turning back I noticed something strange on one of the islands.  A branch with a chewed end....


The residents of the posh part of Wanstead take home security somewhat seriously!

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