10 May 2012

Alexandra Lake

Before I hoofed it up to Scotland I did last quick run around the flats and ended up on the shores of the Alex.  Since the last of our winter ducks (Shoveler, Teal, Gadwall), had moved on to their summer quarters, it's been a bit quiet lately, waiting!

Today, out of the wind, the sky was full of activity, martins, swallows and swift.  Time to try out the non-exact science of attempting to take pictures of very quick zigg-zagging objects, and indulge in futility. While I failed miserably a rather showy female Yellow Wagtail joined me and ran around the shore.  One of my better views of these usually fly over birds.  It would have been a scoop too if Jono hadn't had a trio of birds doing the exact same thing over the following weekend.  Arse! as they say.

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