3 February 2012

Wanstead's iconic birds: No.1 The Lesser Spotted Woodpecker


Picked up the call of this little beauty just off the corner of Bluebell Wood, where the path splits in two. One way leads up the side of the golf course to the north, while the other continues alongside Heronry towards "the little tea shop of happiness". Phwoar!

Most obliging of any I've seen, and while running off 100s of images another male called nearby and did a bit of drumming. Get in!

... and here by way of contrast is a goose-stepping Greater Spot for no other reason than it is goose stepping!


  1. Great to see these images. After reading Jonathan Lethbridge's depressing post about their favoured trees being over-zealously hacked back, let's hope the Lesser-spots will survive on Wanstead just fine. Please let us know how they get on this year!

  2. These birds above are in the Park, it is the Flats where the trees have been hacked. Let's hope they return there, as they're much easier to see, and that counted as an expansion of range!