8 February 2012


Steve is officially a legend. Got a call late afternoon from him saying he had a funny grebe on the Roding, about the size of a Teal with white in the wing, white on the face, and a brown head. Eh? Well, Red-necked Grebe has white in the wing, but that would be larger than a Teal, have a blackish cap, and what would it be doing on the Roding? Needless to say I caned it down there very quickly indeed, and found Steve still looking at the bird. It was only a bloody redhead Smew! A lifer for Steve and only the second ever! Wow! Sort of predicted, but I never for a million years thought one would actually turn up! I took some photos, did a little dance, made promises of much beer to Steve, and caned it home again.

Oh, almost forgot, Tim had two Golden Plover on the deck this morning, on Fairground Flats. Has the patch ever been this good?!

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  1. Just to say. Steve you'll never get your beer, and you saw a male at Cheshunt last year, they are the same species!