13 February 2012

Goosanderfest 2012

It's been quite a weekend for Goosander. Starting with the five that I had on the Basin last week, the species is now commoner than Mallard.

9th - 5 on the Basin (Jono L)
9th - 1 on the Roding (Paul F)
11th - 3 up the Roding (Tim H)
11th - 2 over Heronry (Tim H)
12th - 1 on the Basin (Steve T)
12th - 2 up the Roding (Tim H)
13th - 1 up the Roding (Steve T)

I'm not that hot with maths, but that I think makes 15 Goosander! Wowzers. OK, so I didn't see any of them at the weekend, but who cares, we operate as a collective. So that's the Goosanders, but we're not quite done with Sawbills. Steve strayed into Mordor, and found not just his first Smew, but a second one with it! They were kind enough to fly up the Roding and into the recording area for Stu, but despite some gentle persuading, Stu, Steve and I could not persuade them to repeat the journey. Whilst trying though we found six Lapwing on Ilford Golf Course.

Steve and I also found a Woodcock just east of the Roding approaching the old allotments, and there was a Common Snipe and a Water Rail in the ditch that runs along the southern edge of Reservoir Wood. I can't think of too many other birds of note, though personally I did add two to my year tally with a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker near Heronry, and also caught up with the two Linnet that have been frequenting the Old Sewage Works.

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